A Spanish Language Enrichment Program To Expose Your Child To Acquire A Second Language

Learn To Speak Spanish

Welcome to Spaniland!

We’re here to introduce the Spanish language to native English speakers. Our curriculum will work for people of all ages. However, it is a great option for children who are growing both mentally and physically. From the basics to conversational Spanish, Spaniland will improve both vocabulary and conversational skills.

Learn Basic Spanish Speaking Skills

Spaniland is a curriculum designed by Eleonora Alicia to teach the language of love. Her creative curriculum is designed to introduce basic Spanish speaking skills to first time learners. The program is ideal for children. It introduces the Spanish language early on when their brain is still developing.

The Spaniland enrichment program teaches basic conversational Spanish. It includes simple texts and illustrations that help second language learners acquire speaking and listening skills. Students participate in weekly learning sessions that best match their skill level and learning style. Parents receive a home-practice guide to help them reinforce the skills learned in class.

A picture of Eleonora Alicia teaching children spanish in class

Spanish For Kids - A Life Skills Advantage

Research suggests that children through adolescence are hard-wired to consume new information and learn new skills. Even more impressive, children as young as six months are developmentally ready to learn more than one language. Starting early is the key to oral fluency and accurate listening comprehension.

Today is the perfect day to learn one of the most widely used languages around the globe--Spanish. It is the most prevalent minority language spoken in the United States. It is also one of the top five languages used all around the world. The best time to learn Spanish is early during a child’s development.

There Are Two Ways To Enroll In The Spaniland Program.

  1. Institutional Classes
    Spaniland may be offered as part of the curriculum at institutions like day care centers, preschools, homeschools, summer camps and more. Institutional classes include a quarterly schedule consisting of ten 45 minute sessions.
  2. Individual or Small Group Classes
    Spaniland may be scheduled for small groups or individuals. Similarly to institutional classes, students learn speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Sessions may be geared to the specific learning needs of participants.
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Learning A New Language Can Be Fun And Exciting.

Students are exposed to a variety of learning strategies including vocabulary and conversational skills development. Children participate in fun activities like role playing, singing and coloring. The tools used during classes include puppets, treasure boxes, books, puzzles, flashcards, musical instruments and more.

Once a student begins to learn a new language, it is important that they are exposed to it outside of the classroom. Parents are provided with a study guide and a list of helpful tools that may be used to learn a new language. The most critical factor in learning a new language is practice both inside and outside of the classroom.

Eleonora Alicia is ready to help you explore Spaniland. The program is a great way to help young children begin learning the Spanish language. It combines fun activities with at-home reinforcement. For more information about institutional programming or individual lessons, contact us today.